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4th August 2008

8:54pm: [[Scene: Pyra and Dash walk out of the theatre from seeing Kung Fu Panda.]]

Pyra: "*still drinking ginormous movie root beer* Pretty awesome movie."
Dash: "Yeah. Hang on, my foot's asleep."
Pyra: "So, kick something. Oh, hey, know what'd be funny? Putting Redd White in some kinda Red Green parody."
Dash: "THAT'S the first thing you say after the movie?! You don't get a BIRTHDAY this year!"
Pyra: "*choke* Th-- Th-- Th-- Th-- Th-- Th-- ...BWAAAAAAAWWWW!"
Dash: "Redd's not even funny! 'Today we're going to duct tape something together to kill a lawyer with.'"
Pyra: "*hacks, swallows* Why don't I get a birthday?! D:"
Current Mood: amused

20th July 2008

6:42am: Hey, y'know what I haven't done since completing Tempo? Have a lyric-spotting party! Or meme, or whatever. (Just so you know, I have to skip past about ten billion Phoenix Wright songs and lyric-free DDR tunes and SNES video game soundtrack delights when I do this. You're wonderful, Fragrance of Dark Coffee, but now is really not the time.)

1) Hit shuffle on your playlist and pick the first thirty songs to come up.
2) Write down a line of the song (try to avoid using one that contains the song title).
3) Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. (NO CHEATING!)
4) When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it.

Time's up! Here're the answers. )
Current Music: Mashin' the Next Track button on mah iTunes!

21st June 2008

12:23am: Dash has gone to his parents' place for the weekend. You know what that means?

Time to party naked!

...Well, okay, I'm washing out the inside of my fridge right now and hopefully I'll type up some of Remedy's handwritten draft pages before I pass out. Only occasional interludes of debauchery, then!
Current Mood: bouncy

15th May 2008

10:09pm: I saw Iron Man and it is more badass than freaking everything. <3

Also, Dashie's plotting to make a lolcat TCG. Further bulletins as events warrant.
Current Mood: chipper

12th May 2008

5:05pm: Kinkmeme anon? Yes, you.

You win freaking everything. XD Have an Internet full of porn and waffles. I'm curious as to whether I know you but random mousies are cool, too.

If the prompt-filling author happens to see this, it should go without saying that you win too, buddy.
Current Mood: hee!
Current Music: Dash playing Boom Blox

21st September 2007

12:28am: Pick five fandoms and then answer the questions. Don't look at the questions before you choose!

1) Invader Zim
2) Elite Beat Agents
3) Final Fantasy VII
4) Phoenix Wright
5) Final Fantasy IX

Baaaaa! )
Current Mood: bored

5th September 2007

4:18am: My best ideas tend to come creeping in during the wee hours of the morning. All good things, in Pyraland, have their roots around this time.

Which totally explains why I'm sitting here eating Ben and Jerry's, with the drying beginnings of a paper mache Thinker statue beside me. Reusing my Mia cosplay'll be so much more fun with one of these! Never mind the fourth dimension of win and antics if I should run into a Redd cosplayer! :D

(Maybe I'll go cosplay gearhunting, if I'm awake around lunch-ish. OMG. Shoes!)
Current Mood: pleased
Current Music: September -- Elite Beat Agents
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